DSW Appreciation Day

Letter to Families

June 12, 2020


Dear TCE families,

It has been some time since I provided you with an update and I am happy to inform you that all is well at TCE. There have been no cases of COVID within the resident or employee population.

We have a sufficient number of employees working during the pandemic and available to work extra hours should an outbreak occur.

TCE’s stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including masks (medical and home-made), gloves, gowns, face shields, hand sanitizer and cleaners/sanitizers is in good shape and we have ongoing access should we need more.

Staff are required to wear a mask on shift at all times. They are able to choose between a medical and a handmade mask, as per the government’s guidelines for congregate settings. If we have an outbreak, medical masks are mandatory.

The Government has announced that our area of the Province is moving into Stage 2 of the Recovery Plan this Friday, June 12, 2020. This does not significantly change things for TCE; however, it does allow people a broader range of outdoor options. We will continue to follow Public Health’s guidelines to socialize with those in our households, social distance by 2 meters/6 feet and wear a mask when we cannot. The number of people allowed to gather is increasing from five to ten although we will not encourage this. We have come this far with everyone healthy (knock on wood) and do not want to let our guard down.

We learned yesterday that limited visits by family members will commence after June 18th. There are requirements that TCE must follow as well as family members coming to visit. Family member’s requirements include:

  • Visits would be held outside
  • One family member visit at a time once per week
  • The family member must have a negative test result within 2 weeks prior to their visit
  • Physical distancing of two metres/six feet must be maintained for the duration of the visit and masks must be worn

You will hear back from the staff at your family member’s home later next week about what impact this may have on you and your family member.

As always and even more so during the pandemic, I am so impressed and thankful to our Direct Service Workers for their commitment to and care for the people living at TCE. Everyday I hear about some of the fun activities and innovative ways people are staying involved with life beyond the four walls of their homes and with you, families and friends. Be sure to check out our Facebook page or website for the latest!

Homes could not have kept running without the tremendous support of Program Supervisors who are in the grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, picking up and delivering PPE supplies and countless other errands that are essential to our operations and the people we support.

Normally at this time of year, we would be preparing for our June Annual General Meeting (AGM); however, the Ontario Government passed legislation allowing AGMs be held virtually and their timelines extended. TCE’s Board of Directors will provide an update in the autumn on the status of the AGM.

Lastly, I am sad to announce the cancellation of this year’s Annual Douglas Joseph FaheyMemorial Barbeque, regularly held in August. I hope we can all meet again at a future point but we will have to see what the fate of large gatherings is as we move into our new normal this coming year and beyond!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns,

Stay safe and healthy!



Karen Belyea

Karen Belyea

Executive Director



(613) 228-0999 ext. 222

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