I'm sure you know this already. Para Transpo services will be made available to individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health in 2017.  This decision came after a vote at the transit commission meeting on June 22nd.  This is a huge win for our community and one that we are definitely celebrating.  What you might not know though is that a group of dedicated leaders have been advocating for this right for over ten years.  That's a long time.  You might throw in the towel after two, three years or five years of waiting! But not these folks. They didn't give up. And thank goodness they didn't! Their sticktoitness brought us to this very day of celebration. Finally people with developmental disabilties will have access to Para Transpo. To paraphrase Judy Bernstein, Director of Supports and Services, OCAPDD, one of the leaders of this awesome movement, "its time for the wave!"

We're waving with you Judy!